Ghost Squad Hackers targets Govt. of India Clean Money initiative website

April 30, 2020
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The Operation Clean Money website  seems to have been hacked by Ghost Squad Hackers (gSH). The page displayed the message: “hacked by s1ege greetz to all GSH members”. S1ege is the self-described “administrator” of the  hacktivist group, which commonly orchestrates attacks against  governments, banks, and media outlets. Their attacks range from data leaks and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, to defacing websites and account takeovers. In an interview, S1ege said that gSH, which was formed in 2014, aims to “create a massive, effective, and powerful squad to help propagate vigilante orientated operations.”


Fig 1:
Fig 1:

Operation Clean Money is an initiative of the Government of India, Income Tax Department, which was launched in 2017, to create a tax compliant society through a fair, transparent, and non-intrusive tax administration. While the Clean Money website has not been defaced by gSH, they appear to have backdoor access to the Clean Money servers.

While Twitter users have alerted the Indian CERT and the Income Tax Department to the hack, the page is still up, at the time of publishing this article.


Update: Since the article was published, the page has been taken down. 

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