Infrastructure Monitor

Monitors your internet exposed infrastructure,
curates a list of all asset-inventory and then
periodically monitors misconfigurations, and
potential data leakages.

Infrastructure and
Application Security

CloudSEK has been dedicating several man hours and resources to the goal of creating a complete range of infrastructure security solutions. CloudSEK’s range of invasive security scans and monitors ensure that your infrastructure and applications enjoy watertight digital protection.

Real time
Infrastructure Intelligence

Widespread live network brings with it dynamism
in the asset movement. It is not possible to
discover all assets and threats with legacy tools
alone. A real-time monitor helps organisations in:

  • Making live discovery of any new asset
  • Assess the exposure and Correlate with
    big data
  • Map to client’s assets and relevance
  • Rate the exposures according to severity
    and prioritise them

CloudSEK’s infrastructure threat board shares
the results along with the severity of the threat.
A detailed report is also generated for further

Infrastructure Intelligence Offerings

Web Application Scanner

Despite the proactive approach to installing intensive security measures, web applications are proving to be the weakest link in cybersecurity. The ease of access to these applications 24×7 also makes them the easy target for bad actors. CloudSEK addresses this concern with the web vulnerability scanners which help to find and fix the security holes in the API’s in time.

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Image 15

Misconfigured Cloud Storage

Perhaps the most preventable yet the most common security lapse occurs when organisations switch to cloud storage. The digital prints left with unsecured cloud servers pose a big security lapse. This exposes corporate data and highly personal data to potential hacking threats. CloudSEK’s intelligence offers solutions to scan for the misconfigured services.

Port Scanning

Today, an organisation’s network is spread across the cloud with multiple devices connected remotely to it. These leave multiple ports in the system exposed to the outside world. Regular asset scans and port scans can help discover risky ports and assets that pose a threat to Infrastructure.

CloudSEK’s ML models are trained to detect threats without having to access customer’s critical information.

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Customer Stories

Check out how XVigil helps customers detect threats, mitigate attacks, and augment their security posture.

Indian Multinational Pharmaceutical giant leverages XVigil to combat the sale of counterfeit generic drugs

The exponential increase in the number of knockoff and substandard drugs is driven by online marketplaces that sell spurious drugs across the globe.

How NPCI tackled the menace of Fake UPI ids using XVigil

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, are commonly used to raise funds for victims of disasters and tragedies. Scammers leverage these platforms to circulate UPI IDs, that closely resemble official UPI handles, to dupe donors.

How leading banks combat threats using XVigil

Multiple avenues of the financial sector contributes to a wider threat landscape and provides threat actors leeway to monetize the impacts of cybercrime.

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