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Check out how XVigil’s solutions have helped customers detect threats, mitigate attacks, and augment their security posture.

Indian Multinational Pharmaceutical giant leverages XVigil to combat the sale of counterfeit generic drugs

The exponential increase in the number of knockoff and substandard drugs is driven by online marketplaces that sell spurious drugs across the globe.

How NPCI tackled the menace of Fake UPI ids using XVigil

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, are commonly used to raise funds for victims of disasters and tragedies. Scammers leverage these platforms to circulate UPI IDs, that closely resemble official UPI handles, to dupe donors.

How leading banks combat threats using XVigil

Multiple avenues of the financial sector contributes to a wider threat landscape and provides threat actors leeway to monetize the impacts of cybercrime.

Ridesharing behemoth, OLA, tackles fake apps using XVigil

Ridesharing apps have become a part of everyday life, and hence serve as fertile ground for scammers, to exploit users via these apps. They usually do this by publishing applications, belonging to a reputed company, on third party app stores.

Our customers defend their security posture with XVigil

Successful businesses are data-driven, but with the benefits, come the menace of digital risks. This calls for a unified digital risk monitoring solution that protects organizations from external threats.
With the help of predictive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, and CloudSEK’s proprietary ThreatMeter, XVigil augment’s our customers’ security posture, by helping them anticipate and mitigate threats in a timely manner.

XVigil augments our customers’ security posture, by providing:

  • Analytics and actionable intelligence needed to tackle Surface Web, Dark Web and Deep Web threats.
  • Comprehensive security scans and monitors that ensure that their infrastructure, cloud storage and applications enjoy watertight digital protection.
  • Round-the-clock brand monitors with fake domain monitoring and rogue app detection.
  • Rating and prioritizing both behavioural and technical threats.


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