Gain visibility
into the unknowns
with XVigil

Unified Digital Risk Protection platform that apprehends threats posed on the surface web, deep web, and dark web including brand intelligence, and attack surface monitoring.

Trusted by more than 55 leading Banks, Insurers, Internet Majors, Airlines, Retail, Telecom, and Technology companies across the globe.

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Meet XVigil

An Artificial Intelligence Driven Digital Risk Monitoring Platform

Backed by 5 years of extensive research and development, CloudSEK’s ‘XVigil’ is a SaaS-based easy-to-use platform. The XVigil dashboard provides specific, actionable, and timely warnings that help you intervene and take swift action, thus preventing costly breaches and losses.

Cyberthreats Monitor

Map Cyber Threat Intelligence includes real-time social media, surface web, dark web monitoring, credential disclosure, data leakage identification.

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Brand Protection Monitor

A continual brand scan helps you to combat fake pages, impostors, rogue applications and domains that could harm your brand image.


  • Fake Domain Monitoring
  • Fake App monitoring
  • Rogue Application Monitoring
  • Fake Branch Monitoring
  • Brand abuse monitoring
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Infrastructure Monitor

Monitors your internet exposed infrastructure, curates a list of all asset-inventory and then periodically monitors misconfigurations, and potential data leakages.

  • Web Application Scanner
  • API Scanner
  • Misconfigured Cloud Storage
  • Port Scanning
  • SSL Scanner
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One Comprehensive Solution

Simple, Dynamic, and Credible

Don’t just react to cyber-attacks; anticipate and mitigate.
While you’re building defenses against known threats, there are newer, more sophisticated ones being directed at you. With XVigil’s focused, real-time monitoring, instant alerts, and actionable insights, you can be vigilant and stay secure.

SaaS Based
XVigil is Easy Deployable
XVigil is a Non-invasive technology
XVigil has Customised scans
XVigil Covers across millions of surface, dark and deep webs sources.
XVigil is a Unified Risk Monitoring
Proprietary ThreatMeter which gives Accurate, real-time threat detection, rating, and prioritization.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Combat Threats

XVigil’s Digital Risk Monitoring system defends against malicious threats in the following phases

Get Alerted
when you should be

XVigil is powered by CloudSEK’s proprietary AI-based machine learning algorithm that allows it to provide specific, actionable, and timely intelligence/ warnings to the customers, which allows them to intervene and take remedial steps preventing costly breaches and losses.


Respond to Actionable intelligence about your organisation


Threats related to your organisations are shown as soon as we discover

Severity Tracker in XVigil

Exceptional Tool That Guarantees An Enhanced Security Framework. Xvigil Makes The Unknown

With Xvigil we now have a foresight to see things which were not aware of. We can get the whereabouts of our data if it is insecurely stored at any open source. We get to take-down the data stored at open source, which was only thought of. This gave an extra level of protection to the organisation which can minimise external malicious activity

— Head Information Security, Services Industry

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  • Credential Leaks related to your organization, linked to the Domain Address.
  • Fake Domains and Fake Apps impersonating your brand.
  • Walkthrough and use cases of XVigil’s functionalities.

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