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Addressing the widened attack surface stemming from the global pandemic

DSCI backed by the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY), Government of India recognizes the solutions offered by XVigil.

Making sense of 60,000 cyber attacks happening every day amid COVID Pandemic

Making sense of the spike in COVID and Pandemic themed cyber threats detected every day Threat actors are ramping up efforts, to exploit                                                                 …

Widespread UPI Scamming Group Actively Defrauds Indian Public

Widespread UPI Scamming Group Actively Defrauds Indian Public Recently, CloudSEK’s digital risk management tool, XVigil identified several mobile numbers that are linked to a variety of UPI related scams.  Our research team has traced these numbers to a large group that is operating a gamut of UPI related scams, fraudulent e-commerce websites, and fake Justdial…

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