Live Webinar

Webinar on Cybersecurity Insights leveraging Machine Intelligence

October 5, 2021 3:30 pm

The COVID-19 Pandemic has worked as a force multiplier for existing threats while also giving birth to new ones. Organizations in the Middle East must remain cognizant that poor security postures can help the most unsophisticated threat actors to penetrate systems.

Organizations need to proactively monitor these external threats originating from the surface, deep and dark web and respond with agility. With millions of threat scenarios in play, how do you scale and stay ahead of the curve?

Organizations are increasingly challenged with external threats originating from surface web, deep and dark web including their ever-growing attack surface. In 2021, Data breach costs rose from USD 3.86 million to USD 4.24 million, the highest average total cost in the last 17-year and the compromised credentials were responsible for 20% of breaches at an average breach cost of USD 4.37 million. Companies need to proactively monitor these external threats by Identifying Internet exposed assets, correlating threats aiming at them, and then leveraging the AI/ML-powered cyber intelligence to prioritise and respond. CloudSEK XVigil’s Digital Risk Monitoring combined with Underground Threat Intelligence capabilities enables organisations to understand their attack surface exposure, their external security posture and then respond at scale.

What will we be Answering

  1. What are the emerging threats in the Middle East?
  2. How do you scale monitoring using Machine Learning?
  3. Real use cases encountered by Cloudsek’s clients

Who should attend

  • CIOs, CTOs, CISOs
  • IT VPs, SVPs, EVPs
  • IT Directors, IT Heads
  • IT GMs
  • IT Managers


Speakers - Sourabh Issar - CEO, CloudSEK and Koushik Sivaraman, VP- Threat Intelligence- CloudSEK