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CloudSEK – Facilitating Intuitive, Seamless Security Solutions with AI

While we are moving towards a hyper connected world, the dark elements like malware variants, malicious URLs, and threat actors are trying to hold the businesses for ransom through cyber security breaches. With the huge amount of data generated every minute, it’s getting increasingly impossible for traditional security systems and human experts alone to flag out suspicious activities.

CloudSEK’s machine learning models are based on its proprietary datasets built over 4 years. Predictive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have been used to fine tune the model over multiple iterations to provide specialised security solution. These combine the intuitive response of a human mind with the ceaseless, error-free eye of automation.

Artificial Intelligence can mimic human cognitive skills with greater speed and precision, without fatigue. AI equipped machines can process large amount of data, recognize patterns and perform a set of functions in a seamless manner. Machine Learning, which is an application of AI, allows the algorithms to learn and evolve by observing patterns in real-time data without any human intervention.

AI and ML – A Tandem Force

CloudSEK has used the latent power of these predictive tools to build a security system that is dynamic in nature and sends real-time alerts on encountering abnormal behavior in patterns.

The self-learning algorithms used in AI and ML-based applications build on the existing data of the various known cases of digital threats and attacks and evolve over time. With continuously evolving malware and cyber attacks, such a dynamic approach to building threat intelligence can give the much-needed boost to security measures. An AI and ML enabled application can penetrate the hidden layers of the deep web, download huge volumes of data and alert about conversations around the world wide web that reference your organization.

CloudSEK’s X-Vigil – Your Personal Cyber Sleuth

Harnessing the power of predictive technologies, CloudSEK has developed an intuitive and intelligent product X-Vigil. It uses CloudSEK’s proprietary algorithm ‘ThreatMeter’ to identify, analyse and report probable threats in:

  • Any malicious intent being discussed on the dark web
  • Any data leaks or identity thefts
  • Risks to infrastructure and applications.