APT Breach Malware Ransomware RAT RCE TrickBot Vulnerability

Stealthier Astaroth, TrickMo bypasses 2FA, Espionage targets WHO, and more

Major cybersecurity events on 24th March 2020: A new, stealthier Astaroth strikes Windows 10. COVID-19 cyberattacks against WHO spikes. 56 Google Play Store apps infected with malicious software. Kaspersky detects new APT campaign. TrickBot malware operators release TickMo to bypass 2FA. Azure applications can be weaponized against Microsoft365.Continue readingStealthier Astaroth, TrickMo bypasses 2FA, Espionage targets WHO, and more

Breach CVE DDoS Malware Phishing Ransomware Vulnerability

Mespinoza/Pysa ransomware, HawkEye, RedLine Malware

Major cybersecurity events on 19th March 2020: Sodinokibi ransomware data leaks sold on hacker forums. DDoS attacks target Takeaway food delivery service. Phishing campaign sends out emails posing as WHO Chief to spread HawkEye malware. Folding@home phishing spreads RedLine.Continue readingMespinoza/Pysa ransomware, HawkEye, RedLine Malware

Cyber Security Malware Phishing Ransomware

CloudSEK Daily Threat Bulletin – 27th February 2020

Round Up of Major Breaches and Scams Phishing campaign uses fake NortonLifelock documents to distribute RAT Researchers have discovered a phishing campaign, which uses fake NortonLifelock documents, to bait users into installing a RAT (remote access tool). The password-enabled document contains a malicious macro, which is executed, once the document is enabled by the victim.…Continue readingCloudSEK Daily Threat Bulletin – 27th February 2020

Emotet Malware Phishing Rougeware

CloudSEK Daily Threat Bulletin – 5th February 2020

From charity organizations to government entities, just in the last few days, we have seen the impact of attacks on, 12 Indian government entities, the city of Racine, a voter registration website, and the Red Kite Community Housing charity. With Emotet finding a new carrier in W-9 tax forms, it is more obvious than ever…Continue readingCloudSEK Daily Threat Bulletin – 5th February 2020