CloudSEK’s quest for

excellence in AI

CloudSEK has set its sights on building the world’s fastest and most reliable AI technology, that identifies and resolves digital threats, by enabling machines to emulate human cognition of cybersecurity; albeit faster, more thoroughly, and with fewer errors.

Meet the Team


Sourabh Issar

Chief Executive Officer

Rahul Sasi

Founder & Chief Technology Officer


Rohit Sharma

Chief Architect

Girish Menon

Product Manager

Amal Murali

Senior Security Engineer

Syed Sharukh Ahamad

Senior Security Engineer

Chinmaya Panda

Lead, Data Acquisition

Sellamani C

Senior Software Developer, Data Acquisition

Prince Kumar

Python Developer

Jithu Thomas

Lead, Webapp

Manoj Kumar Reddy

Full Stack Developer

Swati Pardhi

QA Engineer

Sangeeth K S

Engineer, Frontend

Johnu James

User Experience Engineer

Machine Learning

Bofin Babu

Head of Machine Learning

Rishabh Pandey

Senior ML Engineer

Mayank Satnalika

Senior ML Engineer

Apurv Verma

Data Engineer

Parth Sharma

Deep Learning Engineer

Johny Jose

Deep Learning Engineer

Shashank Gupta

Deep Learning Engineer


Anjana Sathyan

Security Analyst

Nistul Raj

Cybersecurity Researcher and Developer

Charlton Rodriguez

Cybersecurity Researcher, POC Team

Utkarsh Agarwal

Cybersecurity Researcher, POC Team

Srishti Chaudary - team
Shrishti Choudhary

Cybersecurity Researcher, POC Team

Threat Intelligence

Rakesh Krishnan

Threat Analyst

Ashok Krishna Vemuri

Threat Analyst

Operations, HR & Marketing

Akhil Jayan

Head of Operations

Balaji Pandian

Manager, Talent Acquisition

Sahil Amanu

Lead, Digital Marketing

Deepanjli Paulraj

Lead, Cyber Intelligence
Technical Editor

Janet Jose

Technical Content Writer

Harish K

Manager, Risk and Compliance


Rahul Khattar

VP, Sales

Bhaskar Nandi

VP, Sales

Parthasarathy Thulasi

Manager, APAC Sales

Md Zeeshan Ali

Senior Manager, Pre-Sales 

Harpeet Kaur

Manager, Business Development

Nivya Ravi

Lead, Digital Sales

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