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CloudSEK's analysis has revealed that threat actors have changed their tactics and lures to capitalise on the COVID-19 outbreak. See the report on The Week about how locked-down India is seeing a multifold increase in Cybercrimes in past weeks

Cybercriminals are always on the lookout of such vulnerable situations to prey on big organisations for data breach and make financial gains. Teams need to be particularly cautious when sharing files with their remote team - said Rahul Sasi, CTO and Founder CloudSEK.

With many working from home, safety processes may not be as tight as those in offices, say experts

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An investigation by a private cybersecurity firm reveals global e-commerce sites are being targeted.

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NetApp Excellerator’s cohort five graduates take the program tally to 29 B2B tech startups, three successful exits and ten technology alliance partners in less than three years.


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Over the last few months, phishing scams have been on the rise in India. As shoppers hunt for bargains and crowd e-commerce platforms during the festival season, swindlers too become active.

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An extensive research report published last year reveals that most ATMs can be hacked in 20 minutes or less. Even scarier, 85% of the ATMs tested for the research allowed...


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NetApp Excellerator’s diverse offerings in AI, machine learning, robotics and cloud, will help the five startups build a strong technology foundation for their business.


India's favourite startup conference, TechSparks, is back on October 11-12 in Bengaluru! All eyes are on the speakers on stage - and on the startups exhibiting at the conference venue, as shown in this photo showcase.


Breaches, Dark Web
CloudSEK has discovered that sellers on the Dark Web sell latest readymade tools like malware cards, USB ATM Malware and more to hack these machines, making the job easy for any individual.

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CloudSEK offers a summer internship to a cohort of college students every year. You might be thinking, what's so special about that, most companies offer student internships. But CloudSEK doesn't stop there.


CloudSEK, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered digital risk management enterprise, is on a roll. CloudSEK offers a cybersecurity platform powered by ML and promises to build a risk-free digital security ecosystem.

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CloudSEK, a Singapore-based artificial intelligence based digital risk management and cybersecurity platform provider, raised further funding from IDFC Parampara.


AI-driven Startup CloudSEK Points Out Where Your Data Protection Is Weak, Helps Avoid Security BreachesAI-driven Startup CloudSEK Points Out Where Your Data Protection Is Weak, Helps Avoid Security BreachesAI-driven Startup CloudSEK Points Out Where Your Data Protection Is Weak, Helps Avoid Security Breaches


CloudSEK, a security risk-management startup which operates on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, has raised...


Card details of customers at Punjab National Bank were offered for sale through a website for at least three months, investigators believe.

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At first, the demo seemed ho-hum, but Rahul Sasi, CTO, CloudSEK, an artificial intelligence-based risk management startup, is confident that something will give.

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The cyber security market which was valued at $75 billion in 2015 is estimated to grow to $170 billion by 2020 and CloudSek is one of the pioneers in deploying AI as a solution.