CloudSEK Infrastructure risk protection
Risk Protection for Internet Exposed Attack surfaces
Our Contextual AI engine uses Cyber Threat Intelligence and Attack Surface Monitoring to proactively predict and prevent Vulnerabilities and Misconfigurations in organisations’ Web, Mobile, Network, Cloud and Supply Chain.
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Network Risk Protection - CloudSEK

Infrastructure Risk Protection

Infrastructure Risk Protection is
much easier now.

Easy Network Asset Mapping

With our Award-winning Data Scraping and Sorting technique, all your assets are mapped and displayed so that you get a unified view of your risk exposure.

Asset Criticality

To enable the easy prioritization, all discovered assets are marked and categorized into High, Medium, and Low Criticality categories.

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Exceptional tool that guarantees an enhanced security framework. Xvigil makes the unknown

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End to end threat management platform: from identification to analysis and tracking

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Reasonably-priced product, accessible and cooperative support system

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Integrate CloudSEK IRP with incident management, ticketing, SIEM, SOAR and apps via APIs, Syslogs, STIX, TAXII feeds.

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