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Engineers by choice

At CloudSEK, our engineers aren’t all engineering graduates, but without exception, all of them share a passion for cybersecurity. Whether PHP developer or Machine Learning engineer, they are autodidacts and self-starters. It is their continued pursuit of new technology frontiers that will help us realize our lofty ambition to build the world’s fastest and most reliable AI technology.

Engineering Endeavours

Our engineers are spearheading advances in Machine Learning,
Security, Data Acquisition, and User Experience.

How do you achieve concurrency with Python threads?

Implementing concurrency, without decelerating a program, is an ongoing concern. So, how do you achieve this using Python threads?

Why attackers can’t resist Android applications

Why do attackers often target Android apps? What makes them easy targets? How do attackers exploit their weaknesses? Which tools facilitate this?

How do threat actors discover and exploit vulnerabilities in the wild?

Attackers use a variety of tools and techniques to discover and exploit security vulnerabilities in widely used software products.


CloudSEK is exploring uncharted
Machine Learning frontiers

4 years ago, we started with one ML classification model, and just two sources. Since then, we have grown capable of processing data from 2600+ sources and 30+ task-specific AI models. From document classification to entity linking and relationship extraction, from object detection to semantic segmentation, we have leveraged AI to automate cyber threat intelligence. Deploying state-of-the-art techniques such as Transfer Learning, combined with the recent advances in natural language processing have helped us build AI models that can share learned knowledge between themselves, further enhancing our threat prediction capabilities.

Bofin Babu, Head of Machine Learning

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