Cyber Threat Monitor

Map Cyber Threat Intelligence includes real-time
social media, surface web, dark web monitoring,
credential disclosure, data leakage identification
besides monitoring the web.


The primary challenge with the modern organisation is the overload of data across platforms. This is accompanied by a substantial increase in information on alerts, cyber attacks, and similar threats. The need of the hour then is a strategy to anticipate and defend against potential threats rather than mid crisis damage control. Proactive Threat Intelligence helps to achieve this kind of threat monitoring on a war footing.

Future Ready
Threat Intelligence

Simply put, threat intelligence helps an
organisation process an in-depth analysis of
potential cybersecurity threats from internal
as well as external sources. It also helps
formulate a strategy for swift damage control.

CloudSEK’s XVigil processes threat intelligence
feed and applies AI-powered intuitive
intelligence to get meaningful information
to plan a proactive approach.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Offerings

Deep and Dark Web Monitoring

The web contains many secret pockets beyond the reach of search engines or general access. This becomes a safe haven to store stolen credentials of fortune 500 companies. Seeking these out and alerting an organisation is not a job for the faint-hearted. CloudSEK’s tool XVigil cuts through the dark layers to provide valuable insight into any nefarious exchange that concerns your organisation, allowing you to make swift and informed decisions.

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Credential Disclosure Detection


In almost all cyber attacks or ransom related attacks affecting an organisation, credentials are often involved either as a target of theft or as a means to furthering access in a network.
CloudSEK’s threat intelligence detects such credential disclosures in time by addressing the concerns you may have, such as:
  • Any employee’s credentials being sold on the dark web
  • Any hardcoded access credentials being leaked by the insiders
  • Ensuring that all the leaked credentials have been blocked successfully

Data Leakages Identification


You may have plenty of sensitive, proprietary and confidential data which despite strict security measures in place, still end up on dark web or forums like Github. CloudSEK can help you identify the data leakage hacks in time and give quick recommendations to minimise the damage.
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Customer Stories

Check out how XVigil helps customers detect threats, mitigate attacks, and augment their security posture.

Indian Multinational Pharmaceutical giant leverages XVigil to combat the sale of counterfeit generic drugs

The exponential increase in the number of knockoff and substandard drugs is driven by online marketplaces that sell spurious drugs across the globe.

How NPCI tackled the menace of Fake UPI ids using XVigil

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, are commonly used to raise funds for victims of disasters and tragedies. Scammers leverage these platforms to circulate UPI IDs, that closely resemble official UPI handles, to dupe donors.

How leading banks combat threats using XVigil

Multiple avenues of the financial sector contributes to a wider threat landscape and provides threat actors leeway to monetize the impacts of cybercrime.

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