The Security Engineer Who Creates His Own Opportunities

Surya Kanagasabapathy
When I was completing my degree in IT I was unsure of a job that combined development and security. Today, I develop automation tools for the country’s best security product company, CloudSEK.

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“I got to know about CloudSEK through one of their Earn While You Learn challenges that my Professor sent me. The first task was to identify the profile of a threat actor using an email ID. The second round was a telephonic interview with Rahul Sasi, which also went well. By this time I had researched CloudSEK and was intrigued by their culture and their product XVigil, which compelled me to learn more about them and to be a part of their growth. And as expected, CloudSters turned out to be warm, friendly, and very welcoming. Moreover, the entire team is passionate about a common goal and combines their efforts towards achieving it, which is quite inspiring and totally different from what I’ve experienced till date.

I enjoy the challenges that my work entails. The feeling of finally fixing a bug after banging my head against the wall (sometimes even literally) for hours, is exciting and heavenly. Besides, being able to bounce ideas off some of the smartest industry experts is quite rewarding in itself. I’ve been with CloudSEK for over one and a half years and our team spirit never fails to excite me. Although I joined as a Cyber Security Analyst (Intern), within months I made lateral moves through the company and tried my hand at various roles that interested me. Oh yes! CloudSEK, in fact, encourages us to explore our varying interests and supports our professional growth in whatever way possible.

I follow security professionals on twitter, read hacker news everyday, and listen to podcasts to keep myself updated. Random chats with colleagues over coffee breaks are another source of news that I enjoy. I also make time to discover new hobbies. My current passtime is learning to play the Ukulele, after which I have lockpicking lined up (for real!).

During my years at Sainik School, I was geared towards joining the Navy with dreams of becoming a Marine Commando one day. But when that didn’t work out, I decided to turn things around and pursue a career that involved the next best thing: Computers. When I was completing my degree in Information Technology I was unsure of a job that combined development and security. But today, I develop automation tools for the country’s best security product company, CloudSEK.”

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