My Journey into Cybersecurity

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My goofy 18 year old self would be envious and proud of me! - Sparsh

“I was just a regular college kid doing my bachelor’s in computer science in Uttarakhand. And it was during this time that I discovered my passion for hacking and networking and I eventually started doing bug bounties and pen tests. 

Cybersecurity is challenging. It’s constantly changing. And that’s what I love about it. Every day there are new vulnerabilities and more sophisticated threat actors that crop up. It’s something that affects all of us, yet very few of us understand the extent of its impact. And traditional cybersecurity solutions fall short when it comes to this. This fuelled my appetite for cybersecurity. I knew there was a lot of work to be done and I wanted to be in the thick of all that action. 

Just as I was finishing college, I heard about CloudSEK at conferences like Nullcon, OWASP Seasides, and Bsides Ahmedabad. I did some digging around and realized they were working on a cybersecurity product that was unlike anything else out there. I immediately knew I wanted to be part of the team. 

Today I’m a Security Analyst at CloudSEK. And on any given day I’m hunting for security vulnerabilities and loopholes in our clients’ domains. When I come in to work, I don’t know what I’m going to find and where that will lead. I absolutely enjoy the unpredictability. It keeps me on my toes. 

For me cybersecurity is not just a vocation. I spend most of my free time reading security blogs and articles, doing bug bounties, playing CTFs, and tracking cybersecurity chatter on Twitter. But of course, I do make time for Netflix.

As a college kid messing with security tools, I always wanted to solve real-world cybersecurity problems. And now, I get to do just that. I’m sure my goofy 18 year old self would be immensely envious and proud of me!”

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