Making the Corporate to Startup Switch Work

Nistul Raj
“CloudSEK nurtures excitement and curiosity and is the right fit for me” - Nistul Raj

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I had to take a slight detour from my MNC career to join CloudSEK, which was a very young startup at the time. However, I was skeptical of the company’s growth and how it would shape my career. With time, my doubts were resolved and I was reassured of CloudSEK’s capabilities. Essentially, CloudSEK has not just made great headway in the field of cybersecurity, but has also expanded in numbers, that too in no time!

My curiosity to know the way things work is what eventually drove me to be an engineer. Like most kids who grew up in the 90’s and later, I also had a fascination for computers. And as I became older, constant stories of computer hackers and security incidents caught my attention and I was instantly keen on knowing more about cybersecurity. I was certain that only an environment that nurtures such excitement and curiosity would be the right fit for me. At CloudSEK, I have been working closely with clients on issues that require tailored solutions, define remedies, and watch real-time client experiences. This has been quite rewarding as well.

It was Rahul’s interview that kicked off my amazing experience as a CloudSter. We talked about drones, helicopters and other interesting new technologies, and it sounded more like a random conversation between two friends, rather than an interview. Two years later, CloudSEK’s healthy work culture remains unchanged. Moreover, at CloudSEK, we take the time to socialize and maintain a positive environment, despite what the situation may be.

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