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All CloudSters are unique and peculiar in their own way. Nonetheless, being one big quirky family helped us survive 2020 with resilience, creativity, and camaraderie. We have never been stronger, or more driven than we are today. And now, we let numbers narrate our story: CloudSTERS Corner2   Ehm ehm! Although CloudSEK has made all the reasonable effort to provide accurate information, we don't guarantee anything. We believe the details provided below are accurate as of 29th January 2021. CloudSTERS Corner3  

Female to Male Ratio

CloudSTERS Corner4  


At least four CloudSters have their birthdays every month of the year. One more reason to celebrate! CloudSTERS Corner5  

Zodiac Compatibility

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Staying Young

Ageing is inevitable for all, they say. Apparently, CloudSEK doesn't care! CloudSTERS Corner7  

What is in a Name?

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Beyond Borders!

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CloudSter Roster

59% of CloudSters were hired in the last one year, which basically means that CloudSEK is unstoppable! CloudSTERS Cornerexperience

CloudSters and their Squads

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