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Hacking life as a Security Analyst and a social worker

Aryan - Author
Aryan Singh
Security Analyst at CloudSEK
Nov. 19th, 2020 — 3m read

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My life took a sharp turn when I was completing my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Quantum School of Technology, Roorkee. It was during those years that my friends and I created a group to teach underprivileged children in our neighbouring villages. Which made me realize the power of giving back to the community. Although COVID has affected these classes, I intend to get back to my favourite hobby, as soon as COVID-19 subsides.

It was also during my college years that I picked up an interest in cybersecurity, particularly, penetration testing. Today, even though I have a stormy relationship with cybersecurity I believe that I have discovered my calling. As my interest in hacking grew, I started following experts and industry leaders on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. This was how I came across Rahul Sasi and through him, CloudSEK. I decided to apply for their summer internship.

Having had no professional experience as such, I had this irrational fear of never meeting the management’s expectations. But, during various rounds of the interview itself, I realized that there is no place for insecurities at CloudSEK. The interview was more of a conversation rather than an interrogation, which was what I presumed it to be. The discussions turned out to be quite interesting, as they only talked about what was relevant to my job description and avoided any sort of unnecessary questions. The interview processes even addressed my shortcomings and the interviewers guided me on how to tackle these weaknesses. This proved to me that I will be valued and respected regardless of my experience or the lack of it.

I joined CloudSEK as a Product Specialist Intern and was confirmed as a Security Analyst when my Manager realized that my skill set is better suited for this role. I have been a part of the Client Advocacy team for the last four months and even though I joined during the pandemic, the HR team made it easier for all of us to stay connected through internal meetings, games, and activities. And although I have not met any of my teammates, we have built a strong bond with each other. CloudSEK does not follow hard and fast rules and the culture is so inclusive that you are not restricted from contacting the founder himself at any point in time. This is what I love about being a CloudSter.

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