Cosplay at CloudSEK: CloudSters have fun while they slip into their favourite characters

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Over the past few months, CloudSEK did not merely survive but thrived and expanded in terms of its size. Despite the pandemic, the HR team went on with remote recruitment and virtual onboarding of new team members. But for a team that strictly follows a culture of camaraderie, we were never tested more when CloudSEK implemented work from home. Team building and bonding seemed out of the question for most CloudSters. At which point the HR team intervened and organized online events and activities to keep the team motivated. And as the remote team kept going ahead at full throttle, the management decided to give the entire team time off from work. 

But before CloudSters left for that long weekend, the management decided to throw a costume party/ competition. The event was aimed at helping CloudSters to unwind and break the ice. CloudSters also took this opportunity to tap their unique talents, ideas, and potential. While some CloudSters’ costumes featured popular movie characters and politicians, others imparted brilliant and thought-provoking ideas. Check out the various costumes and ideas that CloudSters showcased.

Ahoy Captain Jack Sparrow!

CloudSEK - JackSparrow
Bofin, Charlton, Girish (as Jack Sparrow), Sourabh (as Captain ‘Binod’), and Arshit (as Blackbeard)
Bofin, Charlton, Girish (as Jack Sparrow), Sourabh (as Captain ‘Binod’), and Arshit (as Blackbeard)  

Dressed up as the legendary pirate, these CloudSters walked in with ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ music in the background, bottles of alcohol, and DIY costumes. While the Jack Sparrows wore bandanas, braided hairpiece, and a fake beard, the other pirates, Captain ‘Binod’ and Blackbeard had eyepatches, bandanas, and homemade knives and pistols as part of their costumes. CEO Sourabh Issar credited his wife and children for his get-up as Captain ‘Binod’.   

Recycled Fashion

Meghana and Brindha on recycled fashion Meghana and Brindha It seems like these CloudSEK fashionistas/ designers were suggesting a new trend. They successfully upcycled plastic and paper waste to create beautiful dresses and ideas towards sustainable fashion.  

Enlightened Spiritual Babas

Prerit, Anjana, and Ajit dressed as spiritual gurus    Catch your blessings before these godmen vanish into thin air! All three swamijis performed as their personas and did not forget to bless their audience. From a modern Nirmal Baba to Swami Nithyananda, these three CloudSters nailed their act.  

Sentinels Assemble!!

Sentinels - OFFICE COSTUMER SHOW OFF Anandeshwar, Koushik, and Hitesh (Threat Intel Trio)   This team of threat intelligence researchers caught the rest of CloudSEK off-guard with their performance. After their solo renditions, this team of three surprised the entire audience with a performance that celebrated the diversity of music and culture. DJ Anandeshwar played his soundtrack while Hitesh danced to bhangra, followed by Koushik who rapped to the beats of Sentinel Anthem, written by DJ Anand himself. The team refers to themselves as the Sentinels. All three CloudSters dressed out of their closet with the exception of Koushik who made his tribal headgear out of an Indonesian headband and a feather pack.   

Comic Con, CloudSEK

Rahul Sasi (as Taskmaster), Nivya (as Harley Quinn), Parthasarathy (as The Mask), Bhaskar (as Hulk), Remya (as Harry Potter), Sushmita (as Catwoman), and Anand (as Hulk)   These CloudSters animated the audience, costumed as popular comic strip characters.  CTO Rahul Sasi stole the show with Marvel’s Taskmaster costume made out of motorcycle gear worn inside out, a makeshift sword made with a broom, and led lights for the eyes to go with the skull mask. Nivya, on the other hand, was clad in DC’s Harley Quinn outfit. With a DIY baseball bat, choker and bracelet, and a t-shirt that reads “Daddy’s Lil Monster,” Nivya’s costume was dead-on.  While Bhaskar and Anand dressed as The Hulk, Parthasarathy embraced the character of The Mask, acting out the role and the famous line “Ooh.. Somebody stop me!”  Sushmita’s Catwoman wore a DIY headpiece made with paper and a hair band. Remya attended as Harry Potter, in the Hogwarts dress code, with the famous scar to go with it. She waved her wand, leaving the audience spell-bound.    Sagar Pandey saves the day dressed as Lungi Man. His family took part in a comedy strip where he enacted the superhero strengths of Lungi Man.  For his Mummy costume, all it took Nistul was several rolls of toilet paper and probably a scissors.  ComicStrip - OFFFICE COSTUME SHOW OFF Nistul (as The Mummy) and Sagar Pandey (as Lungi Man)  

Clever and Unique Performances Brilliant COSTUME IDEAS OFFICE

Deepanjli (as a Ration-list), Harpreet (as Joker), Aryan (as Harry Potter), and Rohan (as Marshmello)   A punster herself, Deepanjli is also a Ration-list (get it?), with a list of rations taped to her chest, specimens dangling off of her costume.  Dressed as Joker, Harpreet rendered a stunning performance of the character from the latest Joker movie.  Aryan took the opportunity to display his technical prowess, as he wore Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak powered by Python.  CloudSEK’s own DJ Marshmello was born out of painted cardboard coupled with disco lights and electronic music playing in the background.  


Swati (as Rani Laxmibai) and Sharanya (as Angulimaal)   Draped in saree, Swati enacts the ironclad Jhansi Rani, wielding her DIY sword and shield. Swati was also paying homage to her idol, feminist icon and the Queen of Jhansi. Sharanya presented the character of Angulimaal (“Finger Garland”), a demon that resides in the forest and chops off the fingers of his victims, to make a garland out of it. However, this CloudSter decided not to go with the sinister idea and chose to wear a garland of ladies finger placed inside red finger caps.  

CloudSEK wants to know!!

Mayank (as Arnab Goswami) In yet another witty and hilarious performance, Mayank cosplayed Arnab Goswami from the Republic Media Network. He portrayed a lively Arnab who insists that the nation wants to know. Mayank used a piece of thermocol to give the impression of a live debate straight out of the news telecast.

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