Brand Monitor

A continual brand scan helps you to combat
fake pages, impostors, rogue applications and
domains that could harm your brand image.


Your company’s brand image is a treasured asset that has been built over years of painstaking effort. And yet, it takes only one fraudulent malicious attack to undo the reputation you have established amongst your customers. Any damage to this intangible asset can have very serious and far-reaching consequences.

End to End
Brand Intelligence

A relentless continual brand scan
 is critical in today’s digital environment.

You need to combat the actions of bad
actors who use advanced technology to
harm your brand image.

Brand reputation monitoring for an
organization is as much about crisis
prevention as it is about controlling
the damage.

Brand Intelligence Offerings

Fake Domain Monitoring

Domain names set up fraudulently to mislead customers are very common. These domains are designed to look similar to your website and are used for putting fraudulent content at the cost of your brand image. Phishing scams are the oldest and yet most rampant in today’s world. From distributing malware to luring your customer into disclosing their credentials, there are many treacherous channels in domain phishing.
CloudSEK’s vigilant system offers fake domain finder capabilities to monitor the web for any fake or similar looking domains that might infringe on your brand. It also thwarts any domain phishing attempts.

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Rogue Application Detection

The seemingly harmless apps that appear after a simple search can effectively create havoc within your systems. They gain access to a domain account and trick your customers into parting with their confidential information. Brand abuse is a key target of these rogue apps. Logo use, false affiliation, domain similarity, copyright infringement, credentials theft are some of the serious threats posed by these apps which result in brand reputation damage. XVigil by CloudSEK detects such applications and protects your company from potential scams and imposters.

Customer Stories

Check out how XVigil’s solutions have helped customers detect threats, mitigate attacks, and augment their security posture.

How NPCI tackled the menace of Fake UPI ids using XVigil

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, are commonly used to raise funds for victims of disasters and tragedies. Scammers leverage these platforms to circulate UPI IDs, that closely resemble official UPI handles, to dupe donors.

How HDFC combats threat of fake customer care numbers using XVigil

We use search engines to look up everything. For this reason, scammers have resorted to indexing bogus web pages on search engines. Web pages that target banks usually contain fake bank branches and customer care numbers.

Ridesharing behemoth, OLA, tackles fake apps using XVigil

Ridesharing apps have become a part of everyday life, and hence serve as fertile ground for scammers, to exploit users via these apps. They usually do this by publishing applications, belonging to a reputed company, on third party app stores.

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