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Prometheus is an open-source monitoring software designed to monitor containerized applications in a microservice architecture. Given the increasing complexity of modern infrastructure, it is not easy to track an application’s state, health, and performance. Failure of one application might affect other applications’ ability to run correctly. Prometheus helps to track the condition, performance, or any…

Using STIX feeds with TAXII enables organizations to exchange cyber threat intelligence in a more structured and standardized manner.

All browser extensions may not be malicious, but they are dangerous. We explain how extensions exploit permissions to victimize users.

In the first part of this 2-part series on sharding on MongoDB, we describe the various concepts related to sharding and explain the process.

This blog details the build process of Single-Page Applications, and explains how they alter the security implications in the frontend.

We explain the evolution of the data leak extortion ecosystem through the advancements made by ransomware groups over the last three decades.

In this blog we discuss how to create a language-independent microservice using Google’s open source RPC and Protocol Buffers.

XVigil reported over 2.4L fake apps on popular app stores, infringing on its clients copyrighted materials. How does XVigil detect such apps?

What makes digital fingerprints valuable to cybercriminals and what are the preventive measures you can adhere to so as to avoid its theft.

Experienced security professionals say that entry-level positions in security and hacking doesn’t require programming skills. Is this true?