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The significance of web crawling and how to fetch downloadable URLs from YouTube using Python modules, to build a YouTube downloader.

Implementing concurrency, without decelerating a program, is an ongoing concern. So, how do you achieve this using Python threads?

Attackers use a variety of tools and techniques to discover and exploit security vulnerabilities in widely used software products.

Typography plays a significant role in the process of writing textual content. The aesthetic of the text is important in conveying ideas with clarity. It’s not just what, but also how, a writer presents their content, that determines its impact on the reader.

With FASTag, toll collection is the latest of our everyday services that has gone digital. And cyber criminals have already figured out ways to exploit it.

Paytm phishing sites flourish during the holiday season. And Paytm payment gateway facilitates transactions across phishing sites, Paytm or otherwise.

The dark web, which is a component of the deep web, is the nesting ground of online, as well as offline criminal activities. Though most of us have a general understanding of the dark web, we are still unaware of the specific activities it facilitates, and how it affects us on a daily basis. ATMs…

We explore recent approaches for text classification that consider document structure as well as sentence-level attention.

The source code of “Presto”- a browser layout engine used by Opera, was leaked in Jan 2017, to “GitHub” and later to “BitBucket.”

CloudSEK is an artificial intelligence technology-based risk management enterprise, which focuses on customized, intelligent security monitors. CloudSEK’s SaaS-based products help a client