Our Vision

To build the world’s fastest and most reliable AI technology, that identifies and resolves digital threats.

CloudSEK’s central proposition is leverage Artificial Intelligence to build a rapid and reliable detection, analysis, and alert system that offers swift detection across internet sources , precision analysis of threats and prompt resolution with minimal human intervention.

Our Mission

To produce machines that enable Digital Security by emulating human capability to learn and evolve.

The future is: systems that can emulate human cognition to understand, learn, and adapt. CloudSEK has set its sights on building an AI based system that can navigate the internet like an intelligent human, albeit faster, more thoroughly, and with fewer errors.

Our Battle Against Digital Threats

Since 2015

  • CloudSEK was founded by Rahul Sasi in September 2015
  • Raised seed funding from Meeran Foundation
  • The founding team started building an XVigil prototype
  • Mark 1 of XVigil was launched
  • Eastern and BlueJeans signed up as customers
  • Addition of Machine Learning Classifiers capable of identifying the severity levels of threats
  • Mark 2 of XVigil was released
  • Pre-series A funding led by Exfinity Venture Partners and StartupXseed
  • Sourabh Issar took over as the Chief Executive Officer
  • Mark 3 of XVigil was unveiled with multiple functionalities
  • Pre-series A funding from IDFC-Parampara
  • Mark 4 of XVigil was released, with customized dashboard views for Executives and Analysts
  • CloudSEK selected to be part of the fifth cohort of the NetApp Excellerator program

Our Investors

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