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The Complete Digital Risk Management Offering

CloudSEK is an Artificial Intelligence-driven Unified Risk Management Enterprise, focused on customised, intelligent security monitors and systems.
CloudSEK helps organisations monitor and manage their security posture in real-time from the perspective of an attacker. CloudSEK’s flagship SAAS based product X Vigil is based on the combined strength of the powerful AI and Machine Learning. Backed by extensive research of more than 5 years, CloudSEK’s proprietary, AI based machine learning platform is able to provide timely, specific and actionable intelligence to organisations, allowing them to intervene and prevent costly breaches and losses.

The CloudSEK Differentiator

Put simply, it is faster, thus more effective.
CloudSEK uses automated technology instead of the traditional DRM, which analyses the data at a much higher speed. This gives the customers sufficient time to act on any threat intelligence relayed by the tool. The technology is optimised to be easily scalable for future needs.
CloudSEK counts leading banks, e-commerce companies and technology companies amongst its clients. The AI powered model by CloudSEK has successfully detected leaked data and pre-empted risks targeting the brand and online/ offline assets of these organisations since 2015.

The CloudSEK Vision

To deliver an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning driven, robust Digital Risk Management platform along the entire identify-assess-control-monitor lifecycle of potential cyber threats.